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Vivacious and fashion-conscious, she prefers to set trends rather than following them,” he says. The Google generation of school kids needs a radically different set of skills. While you or I might remember trawling through encyclopedias or library books to complete school projects, generation X, Y and beyond, of course, seek answers online. Even ignoring the issue of inappropriate sites that pop up for innocent key words, they soon realize not all websites are equally reliable. They may be sites pushing a particular agenda and may not be impartial.

Mubarak is still greatest joke played on international cricket. I still think I’m going to wake up one morning and find out that it was all a dream and Jehan Mubarak was a figment of my imagination. ODI opening slot should be taken by Matthews, who’s the best player of pace after Sangakkara in SL team.

  • Designers like Nida Azwer and Sania Maskatiya have immense affection for and commitment towards FPC.
  • The seats are poky and the screens are fairly small — you’ve had it if someone tall sits in front of you.
  • Great screening experience multiple screen catagories 2d/3d movies with dolby atmos audio.
  • Initially off-white, their delicate petals often change colour, once you dip the wick in the scent.

Gateway Platinum Cinema offers a luxurious and fun watching experience for movie buffs out there. Every booking also allows the use of the Gateway Platinum Cinema lounge, allowing you and your guests to truly revel in a five-star movie-watching experience. It is a good place to watch movie with family and friends. https://limefx.name/ Fashion Central, the swanky new multi-brandstore in Lahore, opened its doors this week. Located above Butler’s Café near Hussain Chowk the store is simply massive, covering 3300 square feet. With itschic wooden floors and painted ceilings, Fashion Central provides a sophisticated shopping experience.

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SanaSafinaz should be setting their sights on the heights reached by top Indian designers Sabyasachi and Manish Malhotra, who are Googled around 125,000 times a month each. Whether these searches translate into sales is irrelevant. What they demonstrate is brand recognition and the popularity that a brand has achieved. SanaSafinaz has proved it is Pakistan’s most stellar fashion brand. Contrary to popular belief, they have a significant clientele in Pakistan, as well as abroad.

  • Whether it’s dancing with Madhuri or sizzling on screen with Padukone, he delivers big time.
  • There was absolutely no opening for the SL bowlers to put the foot in.
  • He seems unable to do much with his one-dimensional character Avi, and the entire storyline of his friction with Bunny seems rather contrived and awkward.
  • The scents themselves are divided into four families — wood, floral, herb and fruity.
  • Nueplex is the priciest of the cinemas, for everything from tickets to snacks.
  • It has excellent 3D, a great ambience and clean bathrooms.

Cineplex has no 3D screens and apparently, also periodically has electricity problems. It also has only one exit and no cell signals, which isn’t great from a security point of view. Corto has taken his private viewings all over the world. He’s had trunk shows in Geneva, Dubai, Delhi, Jakarta, Singapore, China and all over the Middle East. It’s an interesting marketing technique and probably a smart one for a relatively young brand making its mark on luxury scene. He has a clear idea of the type of woman he is designing for.

The cigar store, the extensive range of golfing equipment and the designer cufflinks in the men’s corner are all aimed at a certain lifestyle. Nida Azwer Atelier will appeal to the same clientele that has made Sania Maskatiya’s retail outlet such a success. While customers will have to head to Nida’s bridal showroom for couture and bridals, this store has a bright future. Those designers who design well but don’t make their clothes easily available take note. Nida Azwer Atelier offers a huge variety of cleverly priced outfits that scream designer-style – a master-class in retail designer pret. Warm up your credit card because it’s no longer necessary to beg for a visa to indulge in your love for Indian style.

They don’t have the capacity to produce or market the clothes they show. Ayesha Somaya have chosen to concentrate on getting their production just right but they have also shown they have oodles of design talent. Screens sizes aren’t huge and the 3D, while good, is not as great as Atrium and Nueplex. The seats in the silver screen are not very comfortable. The escalators to the cinema are not conveniently placed, which is annoying as the lift service is sporadic.

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The semi-formal collection in particular is bound to be a huge hit on the dinner party scene. The tiny boutique feels surprisingly roomy, its predominantly white décor giving the illusion of space . The chic interior by Ahsan Najmi Bilgrami and the team at YOC’A is on a minimalist theme with generous display racks.

Other reputed upcoming designers such as Tena Durrani and Shamsha Hashwani will also have a store within the store at the revamped Labels. Rahimtoola is in talks with other senior designers along the same lines. Each label will limefx forex broker have large areas laid out for them and will stock between 75 and 100 outfits on average. However, the fashion retail landscape in Pakistan is changing fast. Increasingly, top designers are choosing to open their own outlets.

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What Farid’s does do well, is that is has a great variety of high-quality home products. Little things like storage jars, dustbins, soap dishes, shoe racks and toilet brushes — all very tasteful and priced to suit any budget. Farid’s Superstore at Ocean Mall in Clifton is causing a buzz around town.

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Nevertheless, the fact remains that the line-up at FPW this time was not as good as it should have been. Designer Maheen Khan concedes that the content editing should have been tighter at FPW and that perhaps some of those selected were not ready for the ramp. However, as Ansari points out, there is a learning curve for new designers and even good designers sometimes fall flat on their faces at fashion weeks. It’s necessary to give talented new designers a chance at high-end platforms and inevitably some will not manage to rise to the occasion. They will, however, learn from the process and come back stronger if they are genuinely talented. There is some truth in this observation by Ansari, but FPC needs to strike a better balance between emerging talent and established designers.

The likes of Burberry, Christopher Kane and Temperley may hog the limelight at London Fashion Week but emerging designers areone of the cornerstones of the event. For the past 7 years an emerging designerfrom Pakistan has quietly been making a name for himself. Twice a year, however, Ayesha Somaya hold a one-day 50%-off sale. It’s an event that has fans queuing up outside the store. When Ayesha Somaya first started out, their exhibitions were famous because the racks would empty in minutes.

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Aditya Roy Kapoor, on the other hand, fails to impress. He seems doomed to drink his way across the screen this summer. He played one sharabi in Aashiqui 2 and plays another in YJHD. He seems unable to do much with his one-dimensional character Avi, and the entire storyline of his friction with Bunny seems rather contrived and awkward.

Farid’s is keen not to pigeon-hole itself as an upscale, high-priced store merely for the moneyed few. It claims to cater to everyone and seems to have achieved this. It has the space to stock an extensive range of local products alongside its imported and specialist goods.

  • Using Scratch is free and easy – you just log onto the website and after watching some simple tutorials even an 8 year old can start doing animations.
  • This niche boutique is a welcome, affordable addition to the Karachi scene.
  • Block printed cotton kurtas are 4,500 and up which simple digitally printed tunics start at 14,500.

The same thing happens these days at their bi-annual sale where simply everything is marked down by 50%. Nueplex is the priciest of the cinemas, for everything from tickets to snacks. It is very far for those not living in Defence, and is in a quite unpopulated area. The standard cinema seats are just a tad less comfy than Atrium. It has excellent 3D, a great ambience and clean bathrooms. The seats are poky and the screens are fairly small — you’ve had it if someone tall sits in front of you.

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Frequent disinfection is also conducted especially in high-contact areas. Even the air system of the cinema has been UV treated to ensure the safety of all guests. We were charged for 3D movies but had to bear blurry screen for whole movie. Good place for enjoyment cinema+Hotel .But always remember book your online ticket especially in eid days. I never ever forget that day and fellowship in my life. We enjoyed a lot, make fun with each other, capture photos and make video of our final moments with each other.